No Matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. "
Louis Sabin


Story of Simona and Fabio (and......)

(Send in by Simona Manetti)

" Hallo, we are two Italian people (and two Italian dogs!) very fashioned by mountain hiking.
Some experience we already done both in Italy and in Austria (Karnten) "

Just a couple of very quick tips :
- have with you an emergency kit with cortison  and syringe (useful for bees and snakes bites)
- have a lamp (in Holland you have a very nice version of a cycling lamp!)
- if you have (and I do) a dog who neglects to drink take some milk with you and mix water and milk at pit stop
- have a towel to use in case of unexpected swimming in very cold weather
- have always a long chord and some closing tools for emergency

A photo of our the sea... and...............


The dogs... at the see


Suggestions for hikingtrips send in by Simona (aug. 2004)

Austria - Karnten

Starting point Bad Kleinkirchheim (dogs are accepted almost everywhere!) To find a location the best solution is to go to and send your query. You can walk everywhere with very few difficulties and dogs also.Best paths by our experience:
Millstaat see :by car until Dobriach then a long walk alongside the lake; if you dog is mad for water and swimming as mine you can let them enter in the lake! Average water temperature is quite high (27 C) SO NO PROBLEM! If you arrive until Seeboden (around 15 Km.) you can come back by boat.
Naturweg in Brunnach :a very pleasant long walk (6 hours) : go by car until St. Oswald and take the lift.
Turrach : almost every trails is pleasant!
Nockberg strasse : you have to pay the entrance, but it's one of the most impressive panorama in the region! Pay attention if your dogs are really good hunters : you can encounter savage animals very often!

For more information go to
If you want to buy a Kompass you'll find 3 different maps in shops : one for Millstaat, one for Nockberg park and the last for Bad and surroundings!
We have all but if you want just to check go to the local information point and you'll get a lot of materials; all the trails are really very well checked so no problem at all!
And when finish hiking...go to St. Katherin Therme (without dogs, unfortunately!) and relax yourself!


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