" If you are a host to your guest, be a host to his dog also."
Russian Proverb



Short story of Rahel and Yussi (the Labradormix)

(Send in by Rahel Redi)

Hello mountain dogs ;-)

My name ist Yussi and I live with Rahel in Switzerland. I'm a 3 year old Labradormix and I love hiking!!
As we're doing quite long hikes, I have to carry my things myself. I send you a picture of my dog pack. In the background you can see the glacier of Aletsch.
On my Website www.roxi.ch.vu you can find a lot of pictures and hike descriptions (in german...).

Bye and wuff
Yussi + Rahel

Yussi, In the background: the glacier of Aletsch


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